Health Insurance Cover For Heart Disease [Cardiac Patients Care]

Health Insurance Cover For Heart Disease Cardiac Patients Care

As we all know that treatment for heart disease is very costly. So, having a health insurance plan for cardiac care can help you a lot at the emergency.

A healthy heart is your key to a potentially long disease-free life. But, each one of us faces increased levels of stress at work, at home, in relationships, while commuting, and in other aspects of life in general.


Compare Health Insurance For Heart Disease

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Apart from stress, a lack of focus on good ‘healthy’ food clubbed with a lower time investment in ensuring fitness has also taken a toll on the health of not just middle-aged Indians but youngsters as well.

According to a World Health Organisation report cited in a leading national daily, India leads the world with the highest rate of cardiac arrests Times of India report. One person succumbs to a heart attack every 33 seconds in India, says a top city cardiologist, adding that youngsters are a majority of the victims of India’s unfortunate annual tally of two million heart attacks.

Can you really be sure that a cardiac ailment would not show up on your health report card in the coming years? Getting insured for heart-related diseases makes sense and avoiding it is not worth the risk.

While if you are already suffering from Heart Disease, you must explore some interesting options for online health insurance cover for cardiac patients in India.

Most Health Insurance Policies do not provide you cover for complications due to heart disease. In the case of a pre-existing cardiac ailment, the cost of premium in the health insurance cover is generally much higher than the average expected premium. Add to this, even if the hospitalization costs are covered, the health plan payout may not include out-patient department (OPD) claims.

Let us explore some of the schemes that target Heart Diseases Cover in the Indian insurance marketplace:

Aviva Heart Care

Aviva Heart Care Plan from Aviva Health Insurance claims to cover 19 mild, moderate and severe heart conditions. Aviva Heart Care also provides a fixed pay-out irrespective of the cost of treatment in case of cardiovascular diseases or treatment procedures.

The pay-out can also provide for loss of income during the recovery phase. The premium for individuals insured under the ME plan is nearly ₹ 7.8 per day and with an additional 10 percent, one could include the spouse as well under the WE Plan.

Here, this Premium is exclusive of tax for an amount of assured ₹ 20 lakhs for a decade-long term where the ME Plan for male aged 30 years and WE Plan for male aged 30 years and spouse aged 28 years has been used to calculate the premium (as claimed by Aviva Heart Care). Striking benefits of going for Aviva Heart Care plan include provisions for multiple claims under a single policy.

One can get up to four claims per individual covered under the policy including restoration benefit, says the Aviva plan description. Apart from this, with Aviva’s WE+ (for the insured along with the spouse) and ME+ (for individuals) health insurance plans, the policy also offers the potential to double the coverage – although only under severe conditions. In effect, with the ‘+’ (plus) option, 100 percent restoration of the covered amount is offered under severe conditions.

Finally, you could enjoy sustained coverage with waived premiums according to the offering from this heart care policy from Aviva. This means you are not required to pay any premium after consuming 100 percent of the base cover where the ‘+’ (plus) option is opted for.

Star Cardiac Care Insurance Plan

Star Health Insurance Plans, here is a product targeting those who have a history of cardiac ailments in the age group of 10 to 65 years.

It is a policy for those “who have undergone for the first time the named surgery/ intervention/ correction for the existing Cardiac diseases” according to Star Health. It includes you even if you “had an Angiogram done but no intervention was medically found necessary,” for instance.

In this policy, you can opt for one of the two plan options – Silver or Gold. You can further opt for either three lakh or four lakh rupees as the sum insured. In the Silver Plan, expenses incurred by you as an inpatient for treatment with respect to all heart-related complications necessitating surgery or intervention are covered. In addition to this, the Gold Plan also offers cover for medical management costs arising out of cardiac-related complications

In the case of either Plan, regular hospitalization is covered under Section 1 and all heart-related ailments are covered under Section 2. Limited outpatient benefits are also available under this policy.

In other features, accidental death is also covered under this policy, while seniors above 60 years have to be mindful of the co-pay clause leading to 10 to 20 percent sharing of expenses claimed, the higher side applicable in case of a package expense. On the other hand, it covers ambulance charges up to a limit.

Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policies rule out medical tests prior to acceptance for the schemes. The extensive range of coverage is evident from the fact that over 400 daycare procedures are included in the coverage.

This Cardiac Care Health Policy from Star also boasts of a small waiting period – as short as 91 days from the day the policy cover starts – for heart patients having undergone angioplasty or a bypass surgery once in the preceding 2 to 3 years. This policy can be opted for six months to three years post-surgery but is not available beyond that. This is owing to the high-risk period just after the surgery and a recurrence potential after five years.

ICICI Pru Heart/Cancer Protect

ICICI Health Insurance Plans, what does this health plan targeted to cover you for heart and cancer from ICICI offer that is unique? It promises the cash pay-out of lump-sum insurance on detection without any medical bills. When upon detection, you receive this amount of money, you can rest assured with the medical costs and make sure that the income never stops, according to ICICI Pru Heart/Cancer Protect Policy.

This pay-out though would be based on the level of the condition detected. According to this ICICI policy, in any case, the total payout amount in the policy “cannot exceed 100 percent of the Sum Assured of the cover selected.”

Another highlight of this policy includes the relative affordability of such a specific health cover. At under ₹ 160 per month, you could insure yourself against heart and cancer diseases for a sum of ₹ 20 lakhs.

Add to this the family benefit feature, wherein you can claim a discount of 5 percent on the premium cost for the first year if you opt for a health insurance plan for yourself along with your spouse. Further, you could claim the benefits of another 5 percent as a loyalty benefit if you are an existing subscriber of an ICICI Health Policy.

Further, the features of this health cover allow you to claim a waiver of premium in case of any minor or major claim or upon diagnosis of permanent disability due to accident. In the case of detection of any of the ‘Minor conditions’ listed in the policy, you can get up to 25 percent of the Sum Assured.

Moreover, you can get an income benefit along with this scheme. Under this feature, you can get 1 percent of the Sum Assured as an additional income for five years upon diagnosis of what is classified as ‘Major conditions’ under the policy.

Finally, for every no-claim policy year, you get a 10 percent increase in cover.

So, should you for one of the policies explored above? Or should you settle for a health insurance policy for Critical Diseases – which already covers most cardiac-related diseases along with other major critical illnesses? While the latter is offered by many other companies, a specific Heart Disease Cover could provide you much-needed financial cover in case of a cardiac ailment.

With a heart disease risk or cardiac history or even otherwise, you must give serious thought to go for health insurance for heart diseases in view of the prevalence of heart diseases in the Indian populace. Additionally, target an improved health profile with necessary lifestyle changes reducing stress, monitoring your health through regular health check-ups, and a healthy diet for a healthy body, mind, and soul.


Compare Health Insurance For Heart Disease

Rs.5 Lacs Health Insurance Starts @ Rs.15/day*

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