Hidden Truths About Car Insurance Claims!

Hidden Truths About Car Insurance Claims

So, you have bought a car insurance policy and now you are assured that all your accident, damages and theft claims will be dealt with, by the insurance company!

Yes, but no too!

There are certain extremely important factors that can make your cashless car insurance claims work or nullify totally, if not understood. These factors may not come to the forefront and remain hidden while you buy your policy!

Here, we present 14 hidden truths, based on which your insurance company can reject your car insurance claim.

1) If your car meets with an accident while being driven by an unlicensed driver, any damage claim will be instantly rejected. Due to irrespective of driver’s or third party’s fault.

2) Your car must be in drivable condition to avail any insurance benefits. If at the time of filing claims, it is found out in the survey that the car was not fit to be driven. Then your claim will never be entertained by the insurance company.

3) If you are booked under speeding, reckless driving or breaking traffic rules, the insurance company holds the right to reject your claim based on your driving history.

4) If ever you are identified as a drunk driver, especially at the time of the accident, forget any car insurance claims to be passed.

5) It is always good to have your car inspected by an authorized surveyor or mechanic appointed by the car insurance company before you buy or renew your policy. Their inspection certificate will ensure that your insurance claim is entertained and settled without any hassle.

6) Any wrong, conveniently altered or doubtful information provided at the time of buying the policy or filing for the claims can lead to rejection of the claim. This includes the information related to lapses between the renewals or any claims filed earlier.

7) If you are using your vehicle other than the purposes mentioned in the form you filled while buying the policy, this can be used as an excuse by the insurance company to deny you any damage claims.

8) If you forget to take pictures of the damaged vehicle and other related objects and gather all relevant information pertaining to an accident against which you are claiming insurance, you may stand for rejection, in absence of all the proofs. Also, provide the exact information of the accident, without any exaggeration.

9) Do not make a delay in filing the claim, after an unforeseen circumstance, as the insurance companies follow the norms of reporting within stipulated timeframes. They may reject the claim if you are late in filing.

11) Once you get a go-ahead from your insurance company to get it repaired. And they agree that the expenses will be reimbursed, only then have it booked at the authorized repair shop. In case you fail to comply and go for repairs before your insurance company gives consent, you may not get any claim.

13) If your car is stolen, you will have to produce relevant proof that it was parked carefully in secure premises. The absence of proof and a carelessly parked car will lead to rejection of the claim. Remember, that an IRDA approved anti-theft device installed in your car helps to get the claims accepted easily. And also helps to get lower premiums.

14) Lastly, you must make sure, you carefully read through all your policy documents to understand claim conditions and procedures. All the documents are in place and up to date. Any missing documents or records give your insurance company the right to reject your claim.

Following These Simple Steps Can Decrease Claim Rejection Chances

Generally, insurance companies have no problems with paying out genuine claims. At the same time, they need to take care of their business aspects so they won’t be doling out funds on each and every claim. Better do your groundwork carefully and be genuine from your end; to have your car insurance claims approved without trouble.

Now buying car insurance is very easy, you can compare car insurance online from different insurers & select the best plan for your car.

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