No Claim Bonus, How to Maintain?

Nowadays, buying a car is cheaper than maintaining it. A car needs to be treated like any other member of the family. There are several expenses that need to be incurred in order to keep your car in a running condition. Out of these expenses, car insurance is one of them.

It is noticed that in the beginning, you would have to put in a large sum of money towards your car insurance but gradually this would decrease. Especially, if you have a No Claim Bonus then you can really save up a large amount when it comes to paying your car insurance.

Naturally, the question that comes to mind is what is no claim bonus?

No claim bonus is actually an incentive or bonus that the car insurance company offers to the car owners. One can avail of the No claim bonus if they have not placed any claims in the last year in terms of car insurance. The car insurance company gives a discount to the car owner for not availing of their car insurance and reporting any claim.

How to freeze on the best car insurance company

Ideally, before taking up motor insurance, it is important that one actually does a thorough study of all the car insurance plans in town. It is not a bad idea to review your car insurance plan when it is up for renewal. All that one needs to do is actually do a thorough check on the quotations offered by various car insurance companies. The idea is to freeze the one that is cost-effective and offers the best terms and conditions when it comes to car insurance. No claim bonus is an important component of car insurance.

Needless to say, a lot of importance is actually given to it when it comes to opting for the best car insurance in town. Hence, one should also determine the best car insurance company on the grounds that whether it allows you to transfer no claim bonus from the previous company to this one or not. The fact that there is a lot of competition amongst these Insurance companies and each one is fighting to get a market share of the same insurance pie ensures that they offer these no claim bonus transfer from one company to another to attract new car insurance plan takers.

The last question that comes to one’s mind is how to maintain this no claim bonus?

The only way that one can actually maintain no claim bonus is to ensure that they drive safely and do not make any claim from the car insurance company in case of minor loss/damage to the car, which a car owner can easily bear. This is an incentive scheme that draws car owners to renew their car insurance plans year after year.

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